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Schieder Seminar

Social Issues: Empathy, Analysis, Connection

In this seminar, we try to better understand unevenness and calls for justice in society, economy, and the environment. Using English & Japanese-language sources, we think about the local with a global perspective, and work to communicate our findings in creative and dynamics ways.

Seminar: Social Issues: Bio


​木曜日・4&5 限目

This seminar introduces students to gender studies and guides them as they explore various social issues, pursue research on a topic of their choice, and experiment with creative ways to share what they have learned.


December 2022: Exploring cinematic art as a way to engage with society

Visiting Wendelien van Oldenborgh's exhibit unset on-set at MOT

We visited the Wendelien van Oldenborgh exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (MOT). Van Oldenborgh's work captures unscripted dialogues between various participants, who are brought together around certain themes but explore their various perspectives and relations with society, politics, & history. The students felt they both learned something new about various topics and - more emphatically - that they were afforded the time and space to think about things they hadn't thought about before. It prompted us to think about the ways in which van Oldenborgh's style of cinema offers a form very different (but no less valid) from the classical academic essay in which to explore "social issues."

Seminar: Social Issues: Projects
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Spring 2023

Starting a new academic year with our learning goals in mind: communication & critical thinking, creatively and analytically!

Seminar: Social Issues: Image

Student Projects

Seminar participants learn to ask questions and seek a framework to answer their questions in a sustained way through their own projects.


Stay tuned for 2023!

We're working on our projects now! Stay tuned for the latest news.

Seminar: Social Issues: Projects
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