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Womenomics vs. Women

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

On October 4, 2018 I had the chance to speak to the MA seminar "Social Science of Contemporary Japan" at , thanks to Aline Henninger, Arnaud Grivaud, and Kanae Sarugasawa at Paris 7 and INALCO. I expanded a bit on a 2014 article I wrote about Abe Shinzô's proposed "Womenomics" reforms, which I felt cynical about:

In the talk, I explained more about how I saw Womenomics as "neoliberal cooptation of feminism" within a historical framework, and I also discussed contemporary issues that continue to demonstrate how a rhetoric of letting women shine lacks accountability.

Here is the video of the talk on the Japan Seminar website, which includes many other interesting materials and talks:

And here is a permanent link:

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