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Living for Scholarship to Survive Slow Violence in the Academy

Recently scholars have been thinking about how temporality figures in violence, and how deep systemic violence often accumulates, unevenly, over time, and can thus be hidden.

Scholars have called for "slow scholarship" to counter the neoliberal universities' demands for more and more productivity.

In this piece on "Living for Scholarship and Slow Violence in the Academy" I respond to Prof. Andrea Peto's provocative keynote at the May 2019 "Emergency Symposium on Gender Studies and Academic Freedom" hosted by the International Christian University (Tokyo) Gender Center. (A Japanese translation appeared in the Dec. 2019 volume of the journal Sekai).

The ICU Gender Center Journal, Gender and Sexuality, published the full proceedings of the symposium here. The full line-up below:

Invited Presentation Manuscripts: 2019 CGS Symposium “Academic Freedom and Gender Studies: The Case in Hungary and a Response in Japan”

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